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Jack Osbourne’s children and dog Growing up as an Osbourne meant always having lots of animals around the house — we are big dog and cat lovers. Being able to connect with your pets can be such an amazing thing and very therapeutic. The doggy love of my life was a big, fat, smelly English bulldog named Lola. You may remember her from our show. She lived until she was 12 years old and was the greatest dog ever. We had so many special memories together. I have never and probably will never bond with another dog the way I bonded with Lola. I still miss her every day and I wish my daughters would have gotten to grow up with her.

While I miss Lola, we now have a French bulldog named Bruce who has also earned the nickname “Saint Bruce” due to his calm and cool nature with the kids. Andy and Pearl poke, prod and pull on him and he absolutely loves it. He can move at any time and leave the room but he never does. He just wants to be next to the girls all the time. He loves the attention.

There is a saying “Your dog is the only thing that loves you more than it loves itself.” They’re always excited to see you, they never get upset with you and they just think you’re the greatest, all the time! They are also down to do activities whenever, which is particularly important for me. They can be in the middle of a nap and you can say, “hey buddy, wanna go for a walk?” and they just pop right up, tail wagging and are ready to go. Especially as someone living with MS, it’s important for me to regularly exercise. Bruce is always ready to go outdoors with me and play fetch or go walking. It’s nice to have a workout buddy!

While it’s always fun to go on an adventure with Bruce, sometimes it’s just nice to lay on the couch and relax with him. Even just petting Bruce is soothing. He gives me a sense of familiarity and calm since I’ve had him for 10 years — he is definitely a member of the family! He is another distraction for me and sometimes makes me forget about my MS— even just for a little. Whether I am busy working, spending time outdoors, or just hanging around the house, it is clear that pets have brought so much joy into my life and they have really lifted my spirits, as well as my family’s, and we couldn’t imagine our home without one. While MS has brought upon many changes, the one thing that has stayed constant is our love for “Saint Bruce.”