How Jack Turns Around His Bad Days

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How I Turn a Bad Day Around

I think we all struggle with having a bad day every now and then, whether you have MS or not. Thankfully, since I’m diligent about managing my RRMS, I’ve had more good than bad. But when I do have a bad day, there are a couple different things I do to shut them down. Usually, the most effective thing I do is change the environment I’m in. This could be as simple as turning on music, playing with my kids, going for a walk, or snuggling up with Lisa and watching a good show.

Turning on upbeat music is a surefire way to lift my mood. A song that is well written and has a nice melody always draws up fun memories and emotions. It’s even more effective if Pearl listens with me! She loves to sing, jump, laugh, and dance along. Little Andy will even join in sometimes, and I’ll even dance too! I just hope Lisa doesn’t see me!

Losing myself in a good book also reduces stress quite quickly. I read sci-fi mostly, with the occasional non-fiction book. Sci-fi allows me to escape into a completely different world with its own characters and problems. While reading, I’ll become so involved trying to envision the world I’m reading about, my negative thoughts usually just melt away into thin air.

I fancy hiking because you get to disconnect and take in the vastness and beauty of nature while getting a sweet little endorphin boost. One thing I like to do while walking is to turn off my phone. No social media, no emails, no texts. It’s grand. This is usually the easiest and most effective way to change my mood.

As much as I do love upbeat music, reading, and hiking, snuggling on a cozy couch, talking about my feelings with Lisa is my number one way to turn a bad day around. She’s always so receptive to my emotions and always finds a way to point out light in the darkest tunnel. She’s been so great through my battle with RRMS, from initial diagnosis to now. I don’t know how I’d do it without her. That’s the thing about MS. You can’t control your bad day, but you can control how you deal with it!  


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