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There’s a well-known saying that I have really taken to heart recently — “work hard, play hard.” For me, it’s crucial to allow myself hobbies that I can enjoy outside of the workplace. My hobbies not only revitalize my mind but also allow me to learn more about myself while giving me the opportunity to try new activities.

I have found that hobbies are a very creative outlet for me and help relax my mind. They allow me to disengage from life’s pressures and focus on a meaningful activities that I enjoy, especially when I am having a tough day or I need to take my mind off of my RRMS.

Swimming at the beach is a hobby that I really enjoy. It is just me and the water, but it’s the anticipation of the wave, how you are going to approach it and the different feeling you get with each one. It is one of my best ways to forget my challenges with MS or work. It’s also an amazing form of exercise. Being in the water is healing for my body and mind, and it gives me a great reason to get outside.

Hobbies are like MS — unique for each person. Your hobby may be curling up while reading a good book, practicing yoga, or playing video games. But no matter what your hobbies may be, you deserve to take time for yourself and take a break from “all work all the time” and the everyday stresses of life. I know when I do things I love, I am a more satisfied individual and happier. I hope everyone out there finds some hobbies that they love, and make sure to play hard!  


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