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Making the Most Out of My Life

When I was diagnosed with RRMS, there was an overwhelming sense of fragility that also came with it. It was a big wake-up call and served as a reminder that I am only human. After being diagnosed, I was honestly scared and started to constantly evaluate every situation I put myself in. But I figured that living in fear of the unknown is no way to live. So now I focus on making the most out of life and I don’t avoid doing things because I’m scared. I just live my life and enjoy everything I can!

This outlook has recently got me thinking about two of my biggest passions, which are traveling and riding motorcycles. Shortly after being diagnosed, I stopped riding my motorcycle and I even gave it away. It was very challenging for me because I really enjoyed riding my bike, but I was too scared of possibly injuring myself. Now, despite any fears and living with MS, I’ve slowly eased back into riding my bike again. I have always dreamed of going on a motorcycle road trip through Asia, specifically Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The culture and spirit of these places excites me and I don’t want to let my RRMS or any worries hold me back from pursuing this dream.

Ultimately, no matter the unknowns of what is ahead or what I have going on in my life, I will continue to focus on making the most out of each day. I’m really looking forward to eventually planning a trip to Asia and I will continue to follow all of my dreams and do the things I love with the people I love.

Here’s to making the most out of whatever is thrown your way and living life to the fullest!  


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