Jack Osbourne has hopes for the future of MS.

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150 Years of MS Research and Jack Osbourne's Hopes for the Future

I find myself in a position of mixed feelings writing this blog post. On one hand, it feels strange to commemorate the anniversary of when MS was first scientifically recognized, since it is a disease I live with day in and day out. On the other hand, it’s a moment to marvel at the advancements made and the progress achieved by those who have devoted their life’s work to overcoming the odds and finding a cure. See, before 150 years ago, no one had any idea what those of us with MS were going through until a man by the name of Jean-Martin Charcot put two and two together. Charcot, a French neurologist, was the first to officially classify MS as a distinct disease and put it on the scientific radar with his diagnostic criteria for medical professionals, also known as Charcot’s triad of diagnosis, to delve into over the next century and a half. We’re not out of the woods yet, but huge strides have been achieved in making options for care available to those experiencing the symptoms of this disease. At the rate it’s going, I’ll certainly be very eager to see the state of MS research in the years to come. So, with that, here’s my list of the top five things I’d love to see happen in the near future of MS research:

  1. Finding the cure to MS (obviously)!
  2. More and better access to treatments for all.
  3. Broader social awareness & outreach for MS education.
  4. Discovery of the root cause of the disease.
  5. Continued love and support from the MS community.