Jack Osbourne and benefits of healthy eating

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Junk Food Is Not My Friend

Since I was diagnosed, eating healthy has been a big part of my overall plan. I’ve done a big diet overhaul, choosing healthy, well-balanced meals-no more cookies, no more candy, and no more junk food. I’m trying to make better choices and get my friends in on the act. One thing I have always loved to do is gather with friends and family and cook.

My daughter Pearl is a great example of healthy eating. She’s actually the healthiest person I know because all she eats are organic foods and snacks. She’s also a great breakfast buddy and I love making her scrambled eggs. I also make smoothies with fresh produce from the farmer’s market we go to on the weekends. I most commonly mix kale, green apples and spinach with a hint of ginger.

What I have learned the most from researching about MS is to watch out for special diets that some claim are helpful. While many different diets have been suggested as a treatment and even some as a cure to the symptoms of MS, there is not much evidence that they’re effective. What I’ve learned is that there isn’t any one MS diet, so each person has to find what fits him or her best.

Eating healthier can be tough, and it was difficult for me to be honest. However, I have found positive support can accomplish anything in life. I’m blessed to have such a great group of family and friends around me. My wife Lisa is really good at helping me stay on track. She cooks with me and pushes me to make smart food choices. And then there’s my friend and business partner Rob, who actually went on a healthy diet to support me. He even hung out with me at the grocery store so I could show him my favorite healthy foods. As you saw, we spent a lot of time in the produce aisle, not so much in the cookies and chips section. I think it’s important to find a friend or family member who can be your main support in eating healthy. My advice for anyone trying to eat healthier is to find time to shop, cook and eat together. It’ll be easier to get in a healthy groove and stay there!