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Believe it or not, I used to be way more into music than I am now. When I was 15 years old, I started working at a record company. I thought I would have a career in music, then my life took a different path that led me to getting sober, traveling the world, settling down and getting into producing and hosting television — all of this, in addition to living with RRMS. Don’t get me wrong, I still love music. But, now that I have my own kids it’s more difficult to listen to the things I want to versus what my four year old wants to hear (mostly Justin Bieber and Pitbull songs). It’s funny, I used to absolutely loathe top 40 pop music, but now that it’s all my daughter wants to hear, I have it on in the car a lot. I’m not gonna lie when I say I really like the new Justin Timberlake song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” I’ve also really come to love Bruno Mars & The Weeknd. My daughter is like a musical encyclopedia and it’s amazing because she’s four years old and she can tell you the name of every song and the artist who sings it when we listen to pop radio. Pearl also really enjoys my dad’s music which is heart-warming because she says things like, “I want to listen to Poppa’s songs.”

Every now and again I try to listen to some music and turn to some of my favorite bands as another form of therapy — as an escape from living with RRMS. There have been lots of studies done on how the body and mind react to music and how certain chords can calm our nervous system down. My wife likes to listen to spa-style music on her radio app when she has a headache and she always says it relaxes her.

Some bands I’ve always loved are: My Morning Jacket, Mumford & Sons, Tool, System of a Down, and obviously all the old metal stuff I listened to as an angry teenager. My wife got me into Radiohead when we first started dating. I was never really into them before, but for some reason I connected with their music more when I had my wife sharing it with me. Now, it’s something we connect on and listen to often. Other than the bands I listed, I would be lying if I said I didn’t listen to a lot of talk radio. I guess it’s a sign that you’re getting older when you like to listen to what you used to think was boring people talking. I have quite a long commute to my office so something that eases the pain of sitting in crappy LA traffic are podcasts. I am completely obsessed with Serial as well as a bunch of motivational podcasts like SEAL Fit. I also like listening to the news and debates.

Music is such a magical thing because you can feel so many emotions depending on the sounds and the words. Use it to your advantage. Find what relaxes or invigorates you the most, and use it as part of your wellness routine, whether it be meditating or running. There is music for everyone!