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My YDKJ Mission

Since launching You Don’t Know Jack About MS®, with Teva Neuroscience, the program has stayed very near and dear to my heart. Over the past few years as I’ve learned about MS and experienced living with it first hand, I’ve found so much gratification in helping others better understand the disease and see how I’m living with it. That’s why I’m excited to announce that as we enter our third year, we’re evolving the program to (hopefully) be even more helpful and valuable than ever!

As you can see, we’ve totally redesigned the YDKJ website to be more inviting, more user-friendly, and even more visually compelling. We’ve “freshened it up” as I like to say, and also made it more easily viewable on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Hope you like the new look and feel!

The new website is about much more than just looks though. When I was first diagnosed with RRMS, I found myself frustrated by the clinical feel and sterile information that I couldn’t necessarily relate to. When I first envisioned this website, I imagined it as a resource for people within the MS community; a place where people could not only learn, but be entertained at the same time. That day has come, as we’ve added loads of useful information to the “About MS” tab to help you understand MS in an easily relatable way.

With these new changes also comes new webisodes! I’m adding new webisodes to my docu-series because people need to know that this disease is not a death sentence, and you can maintain a normal, healthy life with MS. These webisodes will be a glimpse into my everyday life, as well as a fun educational tool to learn from. This is my way of continuing my conversation with the MS community.

The last thing I’m excited to announce is the addition of regular blog posts. These posts will cover an array of subjects from my personal experiences and thoughts, to some of my own tips and tricks in living with MS. We will also be featuring guest bloggers, from family members to medical/health experts, to shed more light on this complex disease.

On that note, let’s get this party started — and thank you for being a part of my journey!