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Activities to De-stress

When I was diagnosed with RRMS five years ago, I immediately thought of the worst case scenario and all the physical activities I love — like swimming, hunting, and even keeping up with my two kids — that I may not be able to take part in one day. While I’ve learned more about my RRMS and personal capabilities living with this disease, I’ve also learned that with MS comes a lot of unknowns. Because I can’t predict the future, along the way I’ve expanded my interests and learned ways to keep active that include minimal physical strain.

One of my favorite stress relievers now includes playing video games in my downtime. Some of my favorites include sports and strategy-based games. It is a great way to relax, while still working my brain to solve puzzles and stay in touch with my reactions.

In line with my love of solving puzzles, Escape Rooms are one of my favorite ways to combine strategy with the experience of social interaction. With MS (and two kids!) it can sometimes be a challenge to get out of the house to see friends and family, but I cannot stress enough how important it has been for me to continue to be social. Even if it’s just to catch up with an old friend or trying to meet someone new, I am a social creature and need those interactions for my overall mental and emotional health.

Last, but certainly not least, I always find time to spend with Pearl and Andy. We’re always watching Pearl’s favorite shows together, coloring, or doing arts and crafts. Kids have an incredible capacity for creativity, and it is quite contagious. The more time I spend with my daughters at their level, the more positive I find myself, constantly being encouraged to look at the world through their eyes.

These are awesome activities that I can do without putting my body through the ringer. The physical challenges of MS can be very daunting, but I don’t let that distract me from all the countless activities out there to enjoy. Who knows, maybe I’ll even find another new passion that I never knew I had.  


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