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Traveling with RRMS

Traveling for work is something I’m quite used to and tend to do frequently, however, I’ve had to modify how I do it these days. I used to live a more “fly by the seat of my pants” lifestyle, but now that I have RRMS I have had to tone down some of the hectic travel. Back in the day, hopping on a plane to Europe, staying for a couple of days and then hopping back on a plane to Canada was no big deal — I’d do that all in less than a week. I’d fight off jet lag with energy drinks and work phone calls. I’ve come around and now understand that this kind of travel is no longer acceptable, as I need to cut out stress and unnecessary fatigue where I can.

When I have to go on a work trip, I now pay close attention to the times and days. For instance, I’ll make sure I land at a decent hour (sometimes this means getting there a day before my work event begins to adjust to the time difference comfortably), get some dinner and relax to ensure my body and my mind aren’t being jolted into a whirlwind. Before, I used to land, go straight to work all day, and then right back on a plane without resting. I didn’t think anything of it, but now I try to take my time and give myself resting periods where possible. If I’m feeling particularly frazzled after a long or uncomfortable flight, I’ll do a light workout in the hotel. I find it helps me release some of the stress I may be holding onto.

I also try to make sure I’m eating healthy when I’m traveling, which can be tough when I’m away from my wife’s cooking! I usually grab a green juice daily to keep energized during my travels. The last thing I include in my routine is WATER! I try to drink a lot of water when I travel. Air travel sucks the life out of your body and you have to replenish what you’ve lost. Another great way to do that is with an electrolyte drink. Overall, for me, I think the timing and the resting is the most important way to stay healthy during travel.