Jack and his daughter Pearl Osbourne

Jack’s Blog


Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to be able to take Pearl on a two-week-long trip to England. It was just she and I and we were going to meet up with the rest of our family at the house I grew up in, just outside of London. Originally, I wanted to bring Andy and my wife Lisa as well but Andy is literally a wild child on an airplane and probably would have been arrested upon landing (joking) and Lisa has been so busy with her sprinkle company, she couldn’t take the time off. So that left Pearl and me on a solo mission across the Atlantic.

The reason we went was because it was Black Sabbath’s final show before the band retired for good and honestly – this really was the end. So it was important to me that she could go and see the shows. We had the best time ever. We went on long walks around the countryside, we took a train ride into London, I was able to show her around the city, and ultimately we got to see four of the very last Black Sabbath shows. It was a truly amazing opportunity to be able to spend that kind of time with her. She was a real trouper and the perfect travel partner!

For me, this is what being a parent is about. To be able to spend that kind of time with her is something I will never take for granted. My daughters have been the main driving force for wanting to do well since getting my diagnosis. I am going to fight tooth and nail to be as present in their lives as much as possible. There is no certainty with MS. That is both good and bad. It’s not certain that I will be physically able to do everything I want to with them, but it’s also not certain I won’t. I choose to look at the glass half full in that context. My girls mean everything to me and I will always fight to be there for them in any way possible.